Atlantis PBEM

Atlantis is a multi-player computer moderated strategic fantasy game, typically played via email. The game world is populated by many races and monsters. Players may attempt to carve out huge empires, become master magicians, intrepid explorers, rich traders or any other career that comes to mind and interact with other players in trade, war and alliances.

Each hosted Atlantis game is different -- the world may be small or quite large, have customized creatures or items, have minor or major variants of the rules, and the game may be open-ended (no declared winner of the game with the players setting their own objectives) or goal-oriented. Most Atlantis games are free and turns are typically weekly.

The source code for Atlantis is open source, under the GPLv2 license and there is a egroup devoted to it located at The YahooGroups AtlantisDev egroup. Please join this egroup if you work on the code and share your changes back into the codebase as a whole.

Atlantis was originally created and programmed by Russell Wallace. Russell Wallace created Atlantis 1.0, and partially designed Atlantis 2.0 and Atlantis 3.0. Geoff Dunbar designed and programmed Atlantis 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 up through version 4.0.4 and created the Atlantis Project to freely release and maintain the Atlantis source code. Larry Stanbery created the Atlantis 4.0.4+ derivative. JT Traub took over the source code and merged the then forking versions of 4.0.4c and 4.0.4+ back into 4.0.5 along with modifications of his own and has been maintaining the code.

The current stable version of Atlantis is 4.10, and there is an experimental 5.0.0 branch. The source code repository is located at